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Call Centers Edit

Call Centers have become the primary means of communications between organizations and their customers. According to a Purdue University study 92% of customers form their opinions about an organization based upon their interaction with the company's call center. A Tranversal study found that 54% of consumers had a higher opinion of a company before they contacted their call center!

There are 60,000 call center in North America employing more than 8,000,000 workers. Call center and their cousins contact centers (that also process email, webchatsin addition to phone calls) are here to stay.

This wiki is dedicated to sharing knowledge and 'best practices' within the call center community. Through cooperative development and knowledge sharing we can assist organizations to provide improved customer service.

So join us, take part and share you knowledge.

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Current events Edit

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  • Training Fact - On average an experienced agent recieves 8 days of training per year. A new agent receives on average 14 days of induction training. - Australian Call Centre Survey 2006.
  • Labor represents the largest single expense in operating a call center at approximately 66% of total expenses.

Call Center Retention Rates and Reasons Employees Leave the Company

  • Turn over rates in Call Centers are usually very high. There is usually a retention rate of about 26%.

If you were to guess the top 2 reasons of why a Call Center Employee leaves a company, you probably only get the 1st one on this list:

1) The employee has a poor relationship with his or her direct Manager

2) The employee does not have a ♥Best Friend♥ at work

Interesting enough because of the simple reason that call centers are usually very demanding, stressful and employees need to vent to someone, they do need a best friend. If they don't fit in, they quit! (It kind of reminds me of high-school... 22:50, October 26, 2011 (UTC)Bill Zavitsanos

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